1. Laura

    I believe people need to be comfortable online and off. I have been in meetings where only paper and pen were allowed due to security issues. Paper was shredded at the end of the meeting. Not being comfortable taking notes on paper can limit job prospects in certain fields. Our students need as many different skills as we can pump into them to succeed. That aside, it took a confident person to write the article and to note that he needs to explain and not expect others to automatically understand.

  2. Catherine Day

    Know what this reminds me of? The student who “doodles” during class and then gets in trouble until the teacher realizes that the “doodling” is how the student is taking notes. Again, it all comes back to differentiation and how each person does their own thing. Some people like to use the tech, others like the pen and paper approach, some like a combination of both. All approaches need to be recognized and accepted, not snubbed or devalued. Each individual functions differently. The leader in this scenario recognizes this. That’s what makes this person a great leader. We, as educators and innovators, must do that same in our classrooms.

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