1. Judy Wilson

    This hit me like an arrow through the heart. I bled after watching. It is so true. I am no longer a principal, anchored in one school. I visit about 10 schools each month, functioning as a mentor for new assistant principals. We conduct instructional walkthroughs. I sadly see compliant kids, forbidden from the use of their own phones and their own technology. One teacher asked a question that no one could answer. She asked, “Who wants to go home and look it up and come back with the answer tomorrow?” Tomorrow? Please teachers, please know that information has been emancipated. It has been FREED! It is no longer held captive in an encyclopedia, a dictionary, a glossary, a school house, an on line course. It has been FREED! Free our students so they can access information and DO SOMETHING WITH IT! Amen.

  2. Hey George,
    I love everything you do and stand for, my friend.
    Thanks for the video. Wow!
    I like the scale. It sort of pulls the curtain on the SAMR model. Empowering students. That’s what teachers are all about.
    Thanks 🙂

  3. Nicole Stogaitis

    Yes!!! Love all that is brought to attention in this video and blog.

    I am basically the teenage student who had to be compliant in school, while being dissatisfied with my education. I have always kept my intrinsic passion for learning, which is why I am back in teacher format! Watch out world, some of us return in the system to try and improve things and make a difference.

    Computers and phones are always allowed in my classroom. They are essential for collaboration and exploration. Walking around the class and sitting anywhere are allowed and encouraged every single day. Gamefied learning, project-based learning, Minecraft, Twitter, Growth Mindset, etc. The goal is for students to get excited about coming to class and to take ownership of their learning.

    Love reading your blog and wish my former teachers could have read it back in the 90’s…but you were probably a student sitting in a classroom, just like me 😉

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