1. Coming into the 21st century is where education is engaging if the parties are taking advantage of the opportunities at hand and the cooperation of communication among its members. Meeting frequently to share ideas, usages of technology that is effective with students and teachers is necessary and helpful for all. Sharing the ‘AHAH” moments and “You have to see this” is what it’s all about. Make the time!

  2. Carla

    Innovation. Hasn’t it been around since…time? In this time of “innovation” we might need to slow down and realize it is okay to learn “traditional” along with “technology” as we transition.

    • Carla, you are right about technology, to a point. Technology is a tool that often is incorporated in innovation, but shouldn’t be the focus. Innovation is about growing and finding a better way while enhancing what you could do before. I think the point is that the world is always moving forward. Similar to other professions (doctor, mechanic, lawyer, ect.), educators should work to keep up and improve on what they are doing.

  3. Sitembiso Ncube

    The what, how and why of using technology should play an important role in determining whether it is worth taking the risk “moving from a comfortable average in pursuit of an unknown better. Changes should not be add-ons nor changes for the sake of it, but they must be for improvement.

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