1. Great idea for professional learning…and educator prep. New goal: Innovator’s Mindset during preparation of teachers so they can embrace innovation and develop a community of supporters before they reach the trenches. As an associate dean in a college of ed, I can help make this happen at my institution. Thanks for the inspiration! (PS: Read the book on flights to the east coast today. #Inspired) 😊

  2. Jilian

    George- great question! Have you read The Opposable Mind? I ask because your question reminds me of the type of integrative thinking we’re digging into at a course through Rotman I-Think. Really pofferful to open up possibilities- and look for innovation opportunities.

  3. One of the really interesting and rich PD opportunities I implemented at our school is the opportunity for teachers to lead mini-PD sessions at the beginning of each faculty meeting. Teachers sign up for a week they want to present, and are given the first 10 minutes of the meeting to lead a discussion, activity, or present on their topic. These are usually built around a scholarly article or insightful blog, or sharing of PD the teacher has attended themselves. We keep a repository of articles shared in the form of Google Docs that all of us can comment on to share our thinking and have an archive to refer back to. SO many great ideas have been developed through this format.

  4. I love this idea! A while ago my principal had asked the staff how to make the building better and what he could do better as a principal, which I thought was a big step in him showing us that he is human, doesn’t have all the answers, is open to suggestions and welcomes change. I think your idea for the faculty to discuss would be a great follow up that would put some onus back on us and we come full circle.

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