1. Hi George,
    During IMMOOC is a great time for a post on network building! I commend you on the ‘tasks’ you set out for your participants such as commenting on 3 other blogs and tweeting about the blogs you’ve commented on. While for some the writing of a first post is daunting, the truly exciting part of IMMOOC season is the supportive sharing of posts and commenting. So often I feel like I write my blog posts for the wallpaper, so it is exciting to have a new audience for at least a few weeks!
    Thanks for this IMMOOC opportunity –it’s a network incubator!

  2. Anne Burris

    Learning new ways to be innovative takes hard work, collaboration, and creativity. Using this knowledge to each one’s own classroom is the fit each teacher will have to decide. Administration, coaches, and technology instructors can become an effective powerful tool for this 21st century learning

  3. Leslie Swanson

    Thank you for the advice on better ways to connect and communicate. I will definitely keep your points in mind going forward. I appreciate your honesty and also the do’s and don’ts list.

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