1. I got a chance to watch the recording this morning and shared it out on my Twitter Handle @markrenaud2 It was so relative and fresh in mind as I mentioned it during our Principal Learning Team session today. More specifically we got on the topic of coding and why we should be integrating it into the curriculum. Thanks George for your comment about to the teacher who was challenging you about “Technology not being in the curriculum”,and your response was “but neither are work sheets.” It is all about the design of the classroom and it is the creative part that Katie mentioned that needs to be part of the program. We have recently transformed our library into a research learning space and some of classrooms have moved to flexible seating. There are some administrators and teachers who are uncomfortable with this culture movement and exploring with this will take some time to develop. However, if we don’t take the chance and AJ commented “just do it” we will never really know “What Is Best For This Learner.” Look forward to the next session #IMMOOC

  2. Bridget

    I love how you say – “Yet if someone feels that the work you are doing is making them look bad, then they should do better. We should never let others hold us back from doing an amazing job because it might make them feel uncomfortable.”. That also resonated with me when you all stated it the other night in #IMOOC.
    I get this all the time in my school. I am always told that I am making everyone look bad and I need to stop. If anyone knows me then they know I do not do things for show. Everything I do is a reflection of what my students can do. If we give them the opportunities then they will soar.
    Thanks for this reminder and also that it is important to not fear the process of sharing our work and ideas.

  3. Dorell Murray

    This! I so needed to hear this as this is something I struggle with. Thanks for the tidbits of wisdom!

    I always feel that when someone willingly shares, they’re looking for feedback when they do. They don’t mind the questions, feedback, comments. They welcome those comments and look at them as opportunities to grow and make what they shared even better. When someone brags, they tend to look at questions, comments and feedback as more of an attack on their achievement.

    Sometimes, the prospect of sharing is scary. You’re putting yourself out there and sometimes it’s not easy taking the feedback. However, if the culture of the place is built in a way that people know that they’re all learning and growing together, then sharing happens easily and all the time.

  4. Totally agree with you – sharing makes us all better. Really liked this line: “If someone feels uncomfortable because you are doing good work, you are not the problem.”

    I agree, but I can also remember being reprimanded by ‘sharing’ too much on my blog. Fortunately, this did not hold me back but pushed me to create more and be more critical of the people I worked for.

    There is a certain amount of courage that comes with sharing – it is easy to be snubbed withing the small professional community you work in for really trying to connect with other educators. This does not bother me at all – I get so much more positive feedback from my PLN and the professional groups I work with outside the narrow group that used to employ me.

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