1. Excellent points! I love to hear from the perspective of administrators. As a Title building math coach, I have come to learn how critical it is for the principal to provide the foundation of support for teacher behavior management efforts. This is especially true for our newest educators who are still finding their way in managing their classrooms. Thanks.

  2. YES! I had the same experience as a Grade 5 teacher. And, as an instructional coach, I have found this to be true when planning professional learning, too! When teachers are given choice and autonomy in what and how they learn, they take ownership of their professional development, and are much more motivated to learn and share.

  3. I love the change in student behavior that innovation brings in terms of engagement. If it is not better then it is not innovative. As Shiela Vicki describes in the 4 ways in which innovative education simplifies classroom management, with more choice and autonomy, students become engaged

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