1. Judy Wilson

    What an inspiring talk. As a leadership coach and mentor I am going to bring your ideas back to my mentees. I go in and out of more than 10 schools each month. The same ten schools. I don’t see much innovation but I do see schools working hard to find it. Defining innovation first will bring focus and make the search ‘smarter not harder.’ I love identity day. I always say, ‘You don’t teach a subject or discipline, you teach kids.” But you have to know them and know them intimately as to their likes and dislikes, their passions and their fears, etc. That is what I miss about being a principal. Connecting with my kids. Now I hope to inspire future leaders. I love what you said about being better now because we have the tools that show us what others are doing well and what others are doing that works. Thank you for sharing. You inspire me to be a better leadership coach.

  2. […] “Developing the Innovator’s Mindset” is a video from George Couros, an inspiring and innovative educational leader. He was asked to give a keynote for an online conference and spoke about his book, The Innovator’s Mindset. Couros speaks to several things one of which is “innovating inside the box”. We are often encouraged to think outside the box, but for those in schools where there are pressures, initiatives, standards, and other obstacles, Couros suggests being innovative within the box of constraints. We cannot ignore the box but we can think differently within it. Couros gives us numerous other points and ideas to consider in this keynote video that I highly recommend taking the time to watch. […]

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