1. Lisa Morrison

    Good point, but for teachers to change what they are doing they have to feel that it’s safe to fail. In many schools, failure of a teacher (trying a new thing) is not acceptable. With out it being supported and encouraged the risk of failure is to great for many teachers.

    • Nora Jundi

      So true Lisa and that is why it is necessary for everyone in the system to be on board ( schools, teachers and students) for such a complete interactive system to run successfully. Besides training, preparing and continuously supporting is a must.

    • Amanda Bennett

      If teachers & administrators have ever written: “________ will be encouraged to take risks in his/her learning” on a report card, I sure hope they are modeling that learning stance in the classroom. There is so much power in sharing with students: “I don’t know how to do this yet, but I’m gonna give it a whirl”!

  2. Rosita

    I think many teachers are afraid to change the classrooms because how teachers are measured (state testing) hasn’t changed. Some of this change has to occur from the top down so that teachers don’t have worry about “their” test scores don’t fall.

  3. Nora Jundi

    I liked how you mentioned accountability in the article. It is definitely valuable to share your learnings as educators and it becomes more relevant when feedback comes from students. At university lecturers get evaluated on every course through anonymous electronic assessments and asks for students’ contributions.
    I see where this students comes from in his comment. I think that educators are learning yet the process of grasping and implementing is slow. That is relatively slow due to the rapid advancements in technology as being incorporated in Education.

  4. In the past, if I come back from a conference or event and learn something new, I try to tell me students that it’s something that I’ve recently learned. I think it’s important to let them know that I’m still a learner.

    • Nora Jundi

      Totally agree Chad as students really get encouraged when they see that the teacher is also a learner who is continuously updating herself or himself. Sharing knowledge is key.

  5. Cindy Retana

    I’m a principal at a high school and every Friday we have PD. I tried something new this year, 1st semester we had new learning on Friday’s and this semester instead of new learning , teachers are showcasing how they used fall PD. If they didn’t, they use the time to plan with their team on how they will.

  6. Time is an issue at all schools. Time management and being able to work around the unexpected is essential to trying new things in the classroom. The Professional Development carry over needs to be a collaborative effort so we can hold each other accountable, and encourage each other to try them and compare notes in that process. We all need a push and encouragement…they work hand in hand.

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