1. Whether you are a teacher or administrator there should always be a challenge that together as a school you work on together. Working on raising our student’s achievements/success is our challenge as an educational community. We all need to get our mindset and stay the course, and self check along the way to alternate it when necessary

  2. Very inspired thought and right on! We are in a changing landscape in education and it’s exciting! How we proceed from here is not yet truly defined. The Innovator’s mindset…well done!

  3. I am a big fan of this rubric style approach to viewing “The Innovator’s Mindset”. It is a simple approach and description to larger-scale problems in regards to mentality and attitude towards growth as a professional educator. I have learned from many successful individuals that success and happiness are derived from choices; and having a growth mindset as an educator is a choice that each teacher can make on their own. It is critical that teachers have growth mindsets so we can teach students to the best of our abilities and prepare our youth with the necessary skills to become young successful members of society!

  4. An innovative mindset is opened to new ideas and methods. An innovative mindset accepts challenges as a way to show growth. Obstacles are accepted as a way to show strength over stumbling blocks. I have enjoyed reading this article.

  5. Vesna

    Again, George Couros in an inspirational way showed us how from what we have and what we currently experience in our classroom, we could still go a step further and explore avenues of growth by engaging, working together and constantly strengthening our relationships with staff, parents and the community.

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