1. You’re absolutely right.

    There’s a world of difference between helping expose students to technology so they become comfortable and even proficient with it, and relying on technology too much. I wrote about this a quarter century ago, as chapter 6 of my newly reissued book notes: “Education should not make the same mistake a number of industries made in the late 1980s: they turned to expensive and complex machinery to save them, only to find that the devices were not the saviors they thought.”

    Thanks for your consistently good blog,

  2. TKA

    Technology is a tool just like the pencil was. We are a one to one school and technology has improved our students ability to investigate the world’s opportunities to learn about a variety of cultures and their traditions.

  3. What redefines the 20th century schools is not the technological teaching models, but the learning formats of the 21st century students. Technology and pedagogy must operate at the same cognitive level.

  4. Bdarce

    Augmented reality, multi LED touch screens, animations are only as good as the teacher that has had the time available to program them and set up the classroom environment. Aren’t we better if just using existing technology in better ways??

  5. Reid Moule

    It is not about technology, it is about people. No matter what tool teachers use, it will always be about the quality of the teaching. Do we need to know about technology as teachers is a bit like asking did Newton need to have some idea about why the apple fell. The answer is obvious. We need to know how to use the latest tools but it doesn’t change the underlying pedagogical approach to teaching.

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