1. Bill Wallace

    I agree that digitizing worksheets isn’t the goal but it’s a required first step for both teachers and students. The technology keeps evolving to allow for formative questions that can expose students thinking and tracking their evolving mastery. So, get comfortable with digital first then evolve strategies and approaches leveraging the corresponding technology. For me last year was Kahoot, OneNote and Canvas. This year I’ve added Formative, Quizziz and now Classflow. Next year something that enhances PBL, gaming and Inquiry and makes tracking progress against standards less time-consuming. Who knows now what might “get real”.

  2. We all live in digital era where our children 2years old already can use iPad to play game or watch Youtube. It means they are ‘accelerated’ by massive information. We, the parents, should monitor them and encourage them to have the right path in studying.

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