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As my first year as a principal is coming to an end, I have been really thinking on what next year could look like.  My number one focus this year was to get to know people and learn a lot about what it takes to be a principal.  There has been a lot of learning, and probably more than I expected because of my participation on Twitter.  It is great that I have seen more of my colleagues join Twitter and participate.  I can sometimes either gently coax or push depending on the person, but I really believe Twitter has been AMAZING for my learning and my progression.

For example, yesterday I purchased a new domain for our school.  As I am trying to set up an online community for kids, parents, and staff where we can all meet, I decided to use Buddypress and also WordPress MU. Not really knowing much about either of these sites, or hosting my own domain, or ftp, or it seems almost anything, I asked for help.  Fortunately, I received a TON of support from @mrjarbenne on Twitter.  He spent the night, AFTER playing with his kids, talking and helping me on Skype.  I should actually rephrase the term “help” and acknowledge that he did most of it.  Today I am playing, and after the initial set up and getting through some glitches, it is coming along very nicely.  I am VERY confident that our new school site will be up and running for September.  Thanks so much to Jarred for spending so much time with me and helping me out.  I have a feeling I have not skyped with him for the last time!

I am looking so forward to seeing how year 2 goes and how that I know the school and the community what I can do to help more people be successful.  I am so blessed to work with such a diverse and amazing group of people at my school.  The talent, skill level, expertise, and genuine caring for kids and each other is something that I am so grateful for.  This has enabled me to take more risks in my learning and implementation of these ideas into school, especially starting in September.

I cannot wait until next year to see the growth of our school and the growth of myself.  Thanks to everyone that helps me everyday.

If you are interested in seeing the growth of our school site, it is listed below:

Forest Green School Community


  1. This blog post yet again proves that you are a great example for children: you show that with hard word and determination, you can do anything. You also show the importance of working collaboratively with others, and never being afraid to ask for help. This makes you a wonderful role model, and without a doubt, a wonderful principal too! I can't wait to see what your new website looks like and how you use it as well, as you've certainly helped inspire me to re-examine what I do with mine. Thanks for sharing your learning with all of us!

  2. Kelly Power

    George, the phrase "pay it forward" comes to mind with this post. It is awesome that you appreciate the support and talents of others (@mrjarbenne in this case, who has also graciously helped me in the past too – great guy!) and share your public thanks with your network. But your readers need to know how YOU are equally supportive with others in your PLN. Helping me on a Sunday, with my Legal Issue Review paper for my course when I was stuck is one moment that comes to mind… 🙂 Not to mention your reflections that inspire others on your blog, which is now one of my favourites by the way! You seem to naturally capture the essence of "teaching and learning together" and share it whole-heartedly. Thank you.

  3. You have some experience using WPMU. This blog is actually run on WPMU. I'm using WPMU with BuddyPress with my classes next year (in tandem with Moodle) and am very excited to do so. You may also want to connect with @MrR0g3rs on Twitter as he used BuddyPress with his classes this year. It seems to have a lot of potential. I look forward to seeing how your school uses it. We should definitely collaborate throughout the year.

  4. Brian Harrison

    Taking on the risks and rewards of the technology leap alone would be enough- doing so during your first year as a principal impresses, motivates and humbles me. Thanks for showing us a way forward and for proving how powerful this platform is and will be.

  5. koolkat222

    George, you are an amazing administrator. I would love to have you as my principal!

    You give a lot to your PLN, and you're open to learning as well.

    • admin

      I really appreciate your comments 🙂 I think that great educators just love what they do. They do not do it for money or reward, but just do it because they love helping others. Hopefully when I write, you are seeing that in my posts. I appreciate your comments.

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