1. Colette

    Yes, check in.
    Developing Capable People by Stephen Glen. Back in late 80s.
    Builders: checking, exploring, encouraging/inviting, celebrating, respecting.
    Barriers: assuming, rescuing/explaining, directing, expecting, adultisms.

  2. Bret Biornstad

    Yes, you are so right. I often share this message with my learners. Once I wanted to attend a summer conference but assumed there would be no way. I checked my thinking and came up with three possible answers from my administrator; yes, maybe-a qualified yes, and no. So, ⅔ ain’t bad, I went for it. I and another colleague got to go. This lead to a whole team going the following year, a couple of grants, and other workshops. All too often we prefilter our opportunities thus missing out on some wonderful experiences.

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