1. Thanks for sharing George. Having just come back from a 3 day conference of presenters, I can say that those who had the most passion were the most impactful. It wasn’t just their material, but their passion and energy that stuck with me. I think the same is true for teachers and students. They pick up on that passion and are energized by it. Have a wonderful holiday my friend!


  2. Sue Eckel

    Hi George,
    I prefer your statement “There are so many ways we can “change the world”; sometimes it just means having a positive impact on those that we encounter each day, no matter what we do.
    I also am passionate about supporting our students to become critical thinkers. I believe that it is this way they will be able to change the world.

  3. Kadange V. Mvula

    Interesting article George. Of late a number of people are talking of the world changing. In my view, this has to start at individual level by being positive to change, implement and sustain the change. By doing so, our impact will have a bearing on others, especially students, thereby contributing to the changing world.

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