1. Actually, I don’t think that either a growth mindset nor an innovator’s mindset is enough. I believe we need a more all encompassing focus that could include both. I’m developing a framework of well-being for all that includes these attributes but also includes attributes such as passion, humanity, integrity, focus, just, humility, courage – exploring how we can individually and collectively contribute to well-being for ourselves, for others and for the ecosystems that we are intertwined with. If we focus on sustainable well-being with an innovator’s mindset extraordinary things can unfold!

  2. John Booth

    I don’t wish to attenuate the topic or sound trite because I do value growth mindset and all the accompaning cogiitation. There is one book already written that has all the attributes presented. The Bible. Have a blessed day.

  3. Colette

    Change the system within the system. The only person one can control is oneself. Leadership is key. Fixed exists. Growth exists. Innovator exists. Bible..Koran. Torah. Vedas…. As educators, this is an exiting time…as lifelong learners …this is an amazing time. In reading this post, interdependency comes to mind…schools need to focus on the Whole, fostering the desire to learn in all….growth, innovation, spirituality… are inevitable. Variety is the spice of life.

  4. Caleb

    “This is what I have created with (what I know”… right now).

    I love this concept. We can’t just be open we have to experiment, risk and then learn.

    We cannot hold on our creativity just because we may not know enough. Just try it out and grow from it. This does require that schools support risk taking.

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