1. Teresa Murray

    It is not accurate to say that telling will never be as effective as experiencing. One of the major flaws of education is this type of all or nothing thinking.

    • George

      I think that there is power of being the “sage on the stage”, but what we do with that information is where the powerful information comes in.

      Thanks for your comment!

      • I had been thinking that storytelling might be the exception to this. As I reflected more, I realized that good storytelling pulls the audience in. It makes you feel part of the story and gives you the desire to add your own voice to the story or share it with another. The telling portion of this is great and appropriate, but its power lies in what comes next.

  2. I really enjoyed this post, and it reminds me of the quote by Donald Blocher- “Learning is not a spectator sport.” Thank you for pushing me to continually rethink how Professional Development is delivered at my school.

  3. Amazing how seldomly we as teachers /educaters take time to reflektere work on our learning process. This is a very good idea for a workshop. Simple, easy to understand and implement.

  4. Kyleen Gray

    Thanks for this blog. I am in the midst of writing my own about why PD should be teacher ‘Genius Time’. I will be quoting your work here;) Glad to see this is happening already in other boards, it gives others something to model.

  5. USHA

    A great thought !! It is absolutely true that telling is not experiencing .
    I liked the way you conducted the blog writing .
    An afterthought of a workshop and expressing it on the spot with an acknowledgement of other’s views will be really a wonderful experience for the participants.

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