1. Amie McCaw

    YES!! I have been thinking that for a while now.
    As a Principal you have to have both hats on at all times.

  2. Kim Smith

    Literally in the middle of a similar presentation by Chris Enck of Spring Grove talking about this exact topic. Timely George!

  3. The Rhode Island Board of Education has taken both steps (leading and managing) with its recent adoption of portfolios and exhibitions as a way to show “proficiency for graduation.” Good management with attention to details and Good leadership with a view beyond standardized tests. See the new regulations. How can we get these adopted in other states? http://www.ride.ri.gov/boardofeducation/boardmembers.aspx#1790893-barbara-s-cottam-chair—ri-board-of-education

  4. Management has been given a bad rap… and a big mistake that I have made in my career is failing to realize the importance of management.

    I love the quote from Bruce Beairsto… “management builds the house, leadership makes it a home”.

  5. Kadange V. Mvula

    Well thought and articulated article. Indeed, we need both, leaders and managers, for meaningful change to happen in educational institutions.

  6. Thanks for addressing this point so well, George. This theme is prominent in my first blog post. More generally, I’ve learned a great deal from reading and reflecting on your many blog posts, and finally just launched my own blog called “Ladders of Learning”. Hope you’ll follow and share it with others – bit.ly/KenAndrewsEDUC

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