1. Ross Cooper

    Love the idea of showing teachers how quickly things can be done with technology. How about following this up with a link to a tutorial (PDF, screencast, etc.) that breaks things down for those digging in later on?

  2. In a recent presentation I tried moving away from simply focusing on the what to addressing the why. I used Teaching Crowds as my basis (http://readwriterespond.com/?p=2601), however the masses voted. Whereas the room next door was bursting, there were still spare seats in my session. I wonder if teachers are more comfortable with what they already know, rather than the innovation associated with the unknown?

  3. joel speranza

    I really agree with the teaching tech fast mentality. Technology is incredibly boring and tedious if you try to show people every little step.

    I’ve been doing my best to do something similar at school with my tech tip tuesday email. Every week I send out an email with a 3 minute video showing off how a tech tool works. If a teacher likes how it looks, they’ll put the work in to learn the rest.

    I’ve been posting them all online at http://joelsperanza.com/category/tech-tip-tuesday/ if you’d like to check them out.

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