1. Regina

    When I started teaching language arts 21 years ago, I taught sentence diagramming. Why? Because that’s how I was taught grammar. 🙄 Why in the world did we do that?

  2. Joyce

    The only thing that is constant in this world – is change. Embrace change for it will lead to revised thinking.

  3. Lou Taylor

    Change is good, but we all need to stop reflect on why we changed what we want to change in the first place – does that make sense? In education we so quickly change everything rather than look at what we are doing that is good and instead of making massive changes we need to think about how we make alterations & improvements,( keep what is good and make it better). Often our best teachers are the ones who keep a bit of the old that is good and make conscious changes that make sense rather than mindlessly jump onto the next trend.

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