1. I’m not sure I agree with that. I think we expect innovation in the places we work (or many of us would quick working there and go somewhere else), but we’re not always sure who is leading the way. Innovation often takes place in nooks and crannies. I expect it to be happening. I just hope it bubbles up in my direction.

  2. Spiri Howard

    Oh George…

    We live in a very hypocritical world…we want innovation BUT we don’t want change. Some teachers know better, but won’t do better because they fear change…These two words NEED each other…Innovation and Change go hand in hand.

    Keep it real…

  3. Holly

    I think we expect innovation in our own organization, but not everyone is willing to change the status quo to allow for innovation. IMHO all teachers want what’s best for their students, but many are so overwhelmed with all the “extras” in their districts, that really are expectations, that they have little left to give to change. It’s not an excuse, or an answer, it just is …. unfortunately.

  4. Brian Peters

    I have been rereading Creative Schools by Sir Ken Robinson. He makes that point about the standardization movement stifling creativity and innovation. I see it firsthand. Many educators would be more than willing to innovate but are fearful of consequences and/or criticism for “not preparing students for the test.” I think there is also a misunderstanding in regard to collaborative planning. Teachers are encouraged to plan and collaborate so they might share and spread ideas and possibly innovation. That still doesn’t mean that a given lesson should look the same from one classroom to another.

  5. George, so looking forward to #IMMOOC it will be the bang in collaborative growing to bring about change – when we know better it’s too late to opt out, so we must do our best to move forward. We have all First Attempted In Learning – no other way but to then grow!
    Keep FAILing!

  6. Jennifer Brumfield

    Innovation is important part of our society as a whole. I look around the world today and see people doing things that we never would have thought about doing when I was a kid. The world is changing so fast that in a five year time span the world is different. Technology is a big part of it but I think it is a world that is not afraid to ask the impossible question. Innovation is thinking beyond how it has always been done and the thought that something could be different and hopefully even better.
    Teachers can foster that growth or we can also slow that growth down. That is not to say that everything we do in the classroom has to be a brand new way to think and do, but finding a balance is key. Sometimes knowing 2 + 2 = 4 is just that simple and we don’t need to make it some grad project. But when we can allow students to explore and use that out of the box thinking and apply their learning it can really grow their knowledge. Student’s hold on to information more if they care about what it is they are learning and doing.
    If teachers can help students be innovator’s we all grow. Raising a generations of people that each day strive to learn more and make the world a better place is the goal in my book and the sooner we start in a person’s life to more likely that it will be ingrained into them as a person.
    I can’t imagine what the world will be like in 10 years and isn’t that the point?

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