1. Francisco

    Interesting story, it makes sense. I can be sometimes also a bit obsessed about details, but for me it is not something which disturbs my work, and I got the habit to pat attention to those little things affecting education. For example, the decoration in my classroom, the size and colour of the messages, the videos or audios I use for teaching, even the clothes I wear some particular day and how this also can be connected to the contents I am teaching.
    Then, I also pay lot of attention to those micromoments interacting with students, their body language, the tone of their speech, the little actions they do when they are doing some tasks, etc. That helps me to understand better my impact in their learning.

  2. I love this George! What are our brown M&Ms? what are our students’ brown M&Ms? What things will make the difference that show we care, that show relationships matter and that show we are willing to learn together? Thinking about how the media picked up on the trashing of the dressing room rather then the sinking of the floor, I connect to students (or staff) being described as difficult or unable to change but what perspective of the story are we focusing on? Was it really the M&Ms or was it the safety of their well being, they’re ability to take risks or something that we missed that would show us as learners rather then tellers of information? I think this clip would be cool to show with staff and discuss our connections – thanks for sharing your wonderings and perspective shift!

  3. Great piece! Some of our Brown MM’s include:
    1. Attention to detail regarding student safety & knowing what they are to be doing after school. (Parent pick-up, bus & which one to where, walker, biker).
    2. Instilling the importance of making a connection with every kid. Find that something you have in common with each of your students. Personally, it’s knowing each of my students & greeting them by name or nickname. All 420 of them. Let’s them know they are important to me/our staff/family.
    3. Harping on ALL to wear our school colors. Instills PRIDE & when you’re proud of where you work and go to school, you want to perform at your highest.
    Thanks for opportunity to respond. I’ll be sharing your tweet with my awesome Staff.

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