1. Diwali


    Hope this note finds you well rested over the weekend enjoying loved ones and family.

    Your writing and leadership has moved and changed me, I appreciate it genuinely.

    I wish you could spend more time writing about leadership, school superintendent, principal and education ministry, their vision and initiative yes indeed may change the world: if you want to build a ship, don’t just drum up people to collect wood and work or merely complete a task but show and teach them the immensity of the sea.

    Thanks, George you are the Best.

  2. I also found increased tech literacy when the 140 character limit drove me to want more or when I wanted to show more. As educators we often want to share what students have taught us and how they have amazed us or caused us to wonder. The desire to share their voice leads to finding ways to publish. Adding images to extend tweets, capturing screens, importing photos . . .

  3. These three E’s stand out almost as points on an inspiration continuum: engage, empower, embrace. Thank you for your powerful advocacy of reading and especially writing. Surely the inherehent fourth E with which you write – energy – provides the needed momentum for propelling others forward. So well said!

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