1. Hello George, and thank you for these helpful reminders. Another question educators should ask, “Have I developed my own digital portfolio?” As you, Bill, and Will have suggested, it’s important for teachers to understand the processes, challenges, and flow of sharing learning stories online. Regardless of age, creating a digital portfolio provides numerous opportunities for reflection. Research tells us it’s reflection that makes our learning “lifeworthy.”

  2. These are great points for the development of Teacher Candidate and professional portfolios. Not only does the purpose need to be clear, but there must be ownership of the portfolio so the work continues post hiring. I am struggling with my own digital portfolio- purpose, components, platform, etc- it is a humbling exercise and I now have a better understanding of the challenges my students may face. This post will be useful to spark discussion. Thanks

  3. If we want a shift to portfolios to truly become a system change and not just pockets, leadership needs to be clear about “why” and how it supports movement toward a compelling vision for learning…one that represents significant changes in systemic processes. Unfortunately, most of us are not really reimagining education and will jump on the portfolio bandwagon only to reinforce our legacy processes. Our mission to change this has to start with leadership. I wonder if a discussion about portfolios is futile without a clear (and revolutionary) vision for learning in the classroom. Great questions for those ready to redefine this system process.

  4. Thank you so much for this timely post. I’m building a Google docs template for our 4th graders to use to start a learning collection. I added all of their main subjects and felt ready for the lesson. After reading your post I’ve added a free choice section. I love the idea of letting them showoff passion projects.

  5. First I have to make a little note, that I heard you were great at Coppell ISD’s (in Coppell, TX) Convocation last week. That was my awesome school district before I moved and started working with this awesome digital portfolio company called bulb.

    As I’m reading each bullet I’m nodding Yes to all of them. It gives me such pride that your thoughts align perfectly with Bulb Digital Portfolios (www.bulbapp.com). A platform that melds digital publishing and portfolios together. Where the portfolio is owned by the student and not tied down to a particular class. Where students get to showcase their curation of knowledge, reflection and also their passions outside of the classroom. A portfolio that is truly student-driven. A place where the author organizes and displays the content to the world (or chosen audience) the way he/she see fit. Bulb has created a community of learning where people across the globe are sharing their smarts and connecting with each other. And lastly, bulb’s platform is very easy and simple to use but it is beautiful elegant and professional and it makes everyone’s work look amazing. This is a digital portfolio platform for life.

    I love reading and learning from educators and how they view digital portfolios as an educational tool. So thank you for this conversation.

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