1. Thank you! I know first hand as a Kinder teacher and curriculum writer that “choice”, is paramount! 🙂 I need to update my songwriting page, and set up my writing/curriculum page. Holli J. Harris O’Neal M.Ed

  2. Karin Freiling

    Hey George, thanks for the post. We are so excited to start a version of Genius Hour at Ecole Garden Grove School this year! We’ve worked hard to develop our Innovator’s Mindset and are starting to see the results!

  3. Chad

    Genius hour might be a good idea in theory, but in practice I have failed to see much results. Students either don’t know what their interests are, or they pick something they know a lot about, and fail to learn anything new. As a result, this turns into a large show and tell session. Furthermore, there is lots of time wasting which happens during most projects.

    I do think it’s important for students to show their interests, but 20% is ridiculous when there are more important things for students to be learning.

    • Wouldn’t you say that learning how to pursue what’s important to you is an important skill for students’ future? It is a skill like anything else, and they likely aren’t going to be great at it right at the start. The projects they choose and complete often are the things that they talk about for years … or the rest of their lives! We often don’t see the same benefits and excitement in a project that a student sees. Be sure to try to look at the project through their eyes, not through ours as a teacher.

      • Chad

        One of the main roles as teachers is to make sure students learn, not for the students to be excited.

        I am definitely not against students exploring their passions/interests. However, 20% of the time is ridiculous. I think a project like this should happen about once every 3-4 grade levels for each student. It also shouldn’t take away academic time.

  4. Cathy Hrabi

    Looking forward to “pitching” this idea to my grade 7 team. I know that some students will struggle with findings topic or something they are passionate about, but that is part of learning. We are looking and helping them to create essential questions based on their topic. We will have temperature checks and conferences along the way to help guide students on their journey. All will be expected to demonstrate their learning by the end of term 3. Each term will require them to show their progress.
    So excited to guide and release !!!

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