1. Tim Childers

    Over 25 years ago now I attended a conference in Cardiff, Wales, sponsored by the Willow Creek Community Church and pastor Bill Hybels. The man in charge of their small group ministries was leading a workshop about mission and told the story of going to Willow Creek for his job interview. He arrived on a weekday when pretty much no one was in the church, He saw a janitor cleaning a spot on the carpet and decided to ask about the church’s mission. For the next 20 minutes, the janitor explained the mission statement of the church and how his job pushed that mission forward. This is how permeated our mission statement should be in our schools as well. Great post!

    • Erin Scannell

      Your point is well made, Tim, that all stakeholders, even those who would not be considered to be directly involved with the realization of the vision, should know it and be able to articulate its importance and the strategies in place to make it a reality. When walking through a school, its priorities should align with the vision and be apparent to all. As leaders, we need to be very intentional about everything that happens in our buildings; the fundraisers, the social justice initiatives, the parent involvement, student gatherings/clubs, etc. Anyone in the building should be able to tell what we are about and what is important to us. As Catholic educators, our faith-based purpose is the foundation of all we do in the best interest of our students and, from the moment you enter our front doors, you know you are in a Catholic school community. Our academic focus and social justice initiatives emanate from our faith and the human dignity of every person. Every person in the school community must be able to see themselves in the vision and know their role in working toward making the vision a reality.

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