1. Desiree Finestone

    At our school, we have a group of interested participants who share the The Innovator’s Mindset on a weekly basis. Amazing and ‘innovating’ conversations emerge. My teaching is changing. My students’ learning and thinking is also changing. The culture of learning in our classroom is changing. We are all more energised and engaged. Thank you for sharing this superb culture of unleashing learning.

    • George

      Desiree…thank you so much for your comment! I greatly appreciate not only what you are saying, but what you and your staff are doing to empower learning within schools. Thank you!

  2. Charmayne Polen

    HI George

    I ran an Innovator’s Mindset book study this spring and had such fantastic feedback. We invited administrators along with teachers (had two admin join us) and it opened up the conversation between admin and teaching staff. We used an iTunesU course as our LMS as well as your book and the great resources on your website and I was really happy with the ideas we came up with and the forward thinking conversations that came about as a result. My favorite part of the book study? I’ve been incorporating Genius Hour for three years and my supervisor has always been ok with it, but didn’t truly understand the reasoning and the value of it. He told me after the book study that now he is an advocate of this type of PBL and sees how it benefits students in terms of autonomy, creativity as well as the authentic learning stretch. Yes!

    Thanks for a great book. I will reread it frequently as I am working on my admin certification and need to always remember to support teachers in their efforts to create authentic learning environments in their classrooms.


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