1. Great comments George re Blogging and really impressed with Ms Wangeman for her candour and of course willingness to be vulnerable and honest about her perspectives both past and present.
    Taking risks is the catalyst for change and usually, that change will surprise us; it’s up to us to reflect and act upon the change that occurs and either nourish it, tweak it or ignore it. Good to hear that Ms. Wangeman’s risk is paying off. An inspiration to us all as educators.

  2. Adam

    Fantastic post! I couldn’t agree more! We are role models of lifelong learning and some teachers need to step up! You’re right that this applies to all learning, not just blogging. However, I have recently started blogging and I’m amazed by how beneficial it is proving to be!

  3. hi George, this is a fantastic post. it came in very timely. our teachers over here need to read this. How does one successfully groom a child for the future if he has an attitude of ‘I don’t have time’? Thumbs up!!
    Secondly, I’m currently blogging and I’m seeing the benefits

  4. Great stuff as always George. I am always saddened by folks that either think that they aren’t “writers” or that they don’t have anything important to share. There are so many stories out there just waiting to be told. Hopefully we can inspire others to share them.

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