1. This notion will become part of our district’s graduate course Technovating in the Classroom on our final day thanks to you. We are going to spread the learning and leading- you are an inspiration to Brady Venables and I and we thank you for pushing is to unlock our passion even more.

  2. This concept of paying it forward is so important. I am sure I can do a better job of this but I will continue to try to help others assume leadership roles because when it comes down it makes us all stronger. Love the sketch!

  3. Ryan Friden

    Really cool ideas. I love the concept of helping teach others to lead successfully. I also really liked the application to the “teach a man to fish” proverb.

  4. Kristin Ferderber

    We have will be overhauling professional development next year at our school (#1 on the agenda will be renaming/reframing what we call it, since I agree with Webster-Wright’s findings about the difference between the status quo reinforcement of discrete PD opportunities and the experience of CPL). You have provided much food for thought. Thank you!

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