1. Creating the culture of continually growing is contagious! I love the way that this article addresses the importance of everyone being a teacher and a learner.

  2. Hi George

    Thanks for sharing your reflections on the benefits of having a collaborative blog as part of their professional learning.

    I’ve been monitoring their collaborative blog closely as I’ve been reading their posts in the Edublogs Reader ( http://edublogs.org/reader/ ). I have been very impressed by their reflections, how well the collaborative blog was working and by how inspired their teachers been working through this program with you. I really think that a collaborative blog is ideal for this situation.

    Have you considered adding one of the author options to the sidebar? We have two different widgets you could use. The Author widget can be used to list their posts. The Users and Profile Widget shows how many posts and comments they’ve made and links to their profile page where they see a list of posts written by the author. These are common widgets used on collaborative blogs.

    I was also wondering if you had considered embedding the tweet rather than using a screenshot? It is really easy to do using the URL – http://help.edublogs.org/embedding-with-a-url/


  3. Wow! that is so exciting. I really like the idea of a collaborative blog rather than a post and answer method. Learning together and egging each other on really strikes a chord.

  4. Camie Lawson

    Hi George,
    I love your post! I have been reading and following the ITLL blog as well and I am so inspired by the learning that is happening in our school division.
    After reading your post twice… and discussing it with my other teacher leader from my school, we wonder about #2- Competitive-Colloboration. We completely agree with the concept and know that using the critical mass in your school to build capacity to inspire change comes from Competitive-Collaboration (but we believe the word competitive breathes unhealthy connotations. We thought about using something that has the word inspiration in it as we felt that upon reading each post left us feeling inspired to do better. Is feeling inspired the same as competitive? If I could rephrase , what would I write? I explored synonyms of “competitive” but nothing sounded right. Ambitious Inspiration? Doesn’t quite work. The alliteration Competitive-Collaboration may role off the tongue easily and appease the ears but does the title give the true essence of what it really does? Just a thought. Came Lawson ITLL Session #1

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