1. I think many of us have been stalled in our “innovative thinking ” by these non-existent barriers. One of the most helpful pieces of information I gleaned from Innovators Mindset was to look beyond and within potential constraints. By looking within we can begin “innovating within our boxes” so those policies sometimes become a non-issue, existent or not.

    I also have learned over time to ask more questions to unearth the potential barriers. I dont like getting in trouble either so I often find myself caught in a struggle about my next steps.

  2. Nancy Deveno

    I appreciated reading the Van Gogh comment.

    Finding students and where they are at that moment in time, is only when educators will be able to move forward in a direction that captures the essence of “REAL” meaning in learning independently and collectively.

  3. Viviana Zappacosta

    As inspiring as usual George. Yes, if there is a policy in your head it must be based on the truth – don’t be afraid to ask questions to get to the source. Take time to listen to others their innovative idea maybe a super one!

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