1. George,

    I agree that how we ask questions is crucial. Are we asking to find roadblocks or asking to find solutions? Not long ago, I spoke about risk taking by asking “What’s the worst that could happen?” Someone commented on my post by saying they flipped that statement to a positive one by asking “What’s the best that could happen?” It made me realize I was asking the question in the wrong way. Thanks for sharing!


  2. The burden of reinvention, of course, falls on today’s generation of students. So it follows that education should focus on fostering innovation by putting curiosity, critical thinking, deep understanding, the rules and tools of inquiry, and creative brainstorming at the center of the curriculum.

  3. Terrific follow-up to the work you did with us in WVSD this past week George. I think the quote that you finished off with is most powerful and inspiring to share and promote especially after our conversations on Monday of this past week. Will be sharing my experience with staff more formerly at our next meeting of the minds! Hope to push some people out of their comfort zones a little bit…’a pat on the back combined with a push forward’

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