1. Absolutely, consumption is an important component of what I call Effective Learning – which aligns well with your post!!! Effective Learning starts with core knowledge review or learning, continues with Considering existing materials (including but not
    limited to consumption), and leads to the innovation and creativity that makes a difference – for the situation addressed AND the effectiveness of the learning!

  2. Great post. To piggy-back off of Matt’s comment, it’s nice reading about something I’m doing. Reassurance of things I’m doing well. The quotes from the post definitely “hit home.”

  3. Lorne Maier

    Great post George! I often tell my students when they create an assignment they are creating a map to their learning. You can’t make a map without knowing where you are, where you started, and where you will finish. As an aside that’s the first time I’ve seen the Alberta Compentency Wheel, makes a lot of sense looking at it.

  4. Appreciate this message and Matt’s comment…yes! must have students be learners before they share their learning. It is a continuum, not necessarily a one or the other. As you talk about George, it is important that they are thinking through the entire learning process.

  5. Reading and writing should be the floor, walls and ceiling. Not just the floor.
    From his first lesson on his new saxophone, my son created ‘music’ and rhythms. This creation is what fed his soul and motivated him to go through the hard yards of learning to play the instrument.
    Children can learn to read and write IN play, while they are creating and experimenting and learning.
    This article seems to support the premise that front loading is the best process. For many learners the pointless skill development that acts as a hurdle to rigorous learning, creation, innovation etc is what kills their love of learning, gives them the idea that they can’t learn and limits their capacity.
    Reading and writing in parallel to creation will inspire, enable and facilitate agency and innovation.
    We also know that reading and writing skills can be refined over long periods of time, we don’t want kids waiting till secondary or beyond before they are creating!! They can do it from preschool.

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