1. Absolutely a very important approach!!! I wonder if it might be extended a little: Suppose the student posts the video with a second video they create talking about their lesson(s) learned from the effort on social media – reporting back to the class on this extended effort as part of their documenting.

    Lifelong Learning will never be an option!!! The original assignment, I’d suggest extended as outlined, will provide valuable lessons / experience for this. Albert Einstein is quoted: “One doesn’t understand something unless it can be explained simply.” Lots of ‘somethings’ in this extended assignment.

    Thanks for a great blog post – always eagerly anticipated!!!

  2. Spiri Howard

    Great post George! Glad you mentioned digital content curation as a vital research skill! Back in the day, we scoured through books, posters and newspaper clippings. Now students have a huge range of digital resources – many of which provide engaging learning opportunities. It enables them to find quality digital content and evaluate it for a particular purpose.They can add extra information and share it with others. And for those students who may want to take it a step further, let’s say if they fail to find exactly what they’re looking for, it may bring them to creating their masterpiece.

    Well Done!

  3. Thank you George,
    What makes better use of human capital, one person working while 20-30 others soak it up, or 20-30 people working with one facilitator focusing the effort? Any and all problems a school or classroom encounters presents opportunities for learners to practice the most important skill they will learn in school, problem-solving.

  4. Bianca Forrester

    Brilliant post! Brilliant because it is practical and I am one of those overworked and over-tired educators (being in grad school myself may be the primary reason) I am going to assign this to my Spanish 2 students, tomorrow … Find a great video on the imperfect tense … ” Thank you, George. As I move into education leadership I find many of your posts and musings terrific food for thought. I may not always agree with you but I am never disappointed – thank you for the energy, integrity and passion to the profession you evince.

  5. Paul Murray

    I love the idea behind this post! So many elements in here could create a classroom environment of research and discovery.

    My favorite part of this post is this line, “Many times, the work we do as educators is actually taking away some of the most powerful learning from our students.” Using this thought as a guiding principle for designing learning experiences could be quite powerful…”What can I give over to my students that will develop their skills as a learner?”

    Fantastic! Thanks!

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