1. @RanchoPrincipal

    Perhaps all Lead Learners or Learning Leaders are most effectively called: Colleagues? I recently had the pleasure of engaging in a learning walk to see writer’s workshop at R. Roger Rowe Elementary School and Principal Kim Pinkerton refers to all staff as colleagues. She used “we,” and “our colleagues” throughout the morning to describe how teachers, coaches, and the principal engage in meaningful learning and work… together.

  2. I wld hope tht could be said ABOUT me, but would never be by me. 🙂 never ever be satisfied with where you are…ALWAYS want to be more!

  3. This phrase speaks volumes – “administrators self-anoint themselves”. When someone brands or self-anoints themselves, everyone should approach with caution. When others hang that label on them, it starts to mean something.

  4. Mary Leask

    When you stop being a learner you necessarily also stop leading – regardless if you are a principal a teacher or a student – or dare I say a parent too.

  5. Really, titles are for HR, Payroll, IT and other departments to define how to manage the back end (logistics).
    What you do everyday and how you do it determines how everyone who matters sees you. Those aren’t titles. That is your identity.

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