1. From this post, yet another great one: “… no matter how amazing the “vision” is, it is unlikely that it will ever come to fruition if we do not build relationships with those that we serve.” AND build those relationships / connections by being a servant leader, one who believes she/he will learn also through those connections.

  2. “Early in my career, I remember a math teacher who was brilliant in the subject. His knowledge and understanding of the subject was astounding, yet his students struggled. Concepts that were easy to him, his students struggled with, and it seemed that he struggled with understanding why they had a hard time. He struggled connecting his knowledge to his students. Great understanding of content, does not make you a great teacher.”

    As a math teacher, I know many people like this as well, although (fortunately?) most of them are at the college level.

    I agree that connecting with students is important, too! Earlier today, I was helping a student in our Math Lab. After we were finished, he said to me, “I wish you were my math teacher all the time. You are always so positive.” After he left, I looked up who his math teacher was, and found it is one of the best math teachers we have (our head of school raves about him!). I probably have the same content knowledge as his other teacher, but for some reason, was able to make a connection that his other teacher did not (or could not).

    If I had to guess, working 1-1 with him in the math lab helped develop that connection. It sounds like Mr. Malloy knows the value of 1-1 interaction.

  3. Deborah Shirley

    Building connections is essential to learning. Even though we know this in education often sufficient time is not allotted to building and maintaining the connections. When more value placed on connection, we’ll see more time given to it.

  4. Thanks for another great post George. The success of so many different aspects in our work, if not all, is often influenced by the quality of the relationships we have built either with our students or other staff members. For me it really comes down to having a positive attitude, a growth mindset, and an endless supply of empathy.

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