1. George,
    Some of the better workshops I’ve attended, including a few of yours, were ones where the “script” was abandoned, and the participant learners guided the conversation, inquiry, and reflection. We need to keep this in mind when we leave the conferences and return to our schools and classrooms.

  2. So often we see “experts” presenting to adults about best teaching practices without modelling those practices as they present/teach, somehow expecting that as adults those “rules” don’t apply, that somehow we know how to learn without the need for doing “all that”. It is great to hear that you are applying best practice as you teach best practice! My experience has convinced me that teachers learn best when they see a master teacher DOING what they are teaching.

  3. I agree with Bruce. It is frustrating to have great ideas presented in less than stellar methods. You post goes further in that it addresses the idea of finding the ‘best tool for the job’. I think this is so much what life is about, and thus what we need to be helping students (of all ages) figure out.

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