1. GWilson

    YeeHaw! to Skyler, her teacher and you, George! I am chompin’ at the bit to be in your sessions at #TCEA16. You’re a hero to many. Thank you.

  2. Leah Whitford

    George, I love that you are so quick to connect with your audience- what an impact that has had on so many learners! it’s also pretty cool that @DawnGranley has made her own learning so visible to the children she teaches. That’s powerful stuff!! Keep doing what you do, my friend! You are #awesomesauce!

  3. Dawn Granley

    Thanks for inspiring both Skyler and I today! There are many leaders in 4G all of whom shine in their own way. So happy to see Skyler shine with her brilliance today. You are always welcome in 4G. It’s a busy, noisy place but lots of learning.

  4. […] of how Twitter and Instagram are being used in classrooms across the country. Just recently, George Couros wrote a blog post about how Twitter allowed him to make a connection between a student…. It’s hard to imagine how this connection would have been possible without technology. […]

  5. Jackie Gorora

    @gcouros, you are reaching out to help make this world a better place….and people are listening. Thanks for making a difference!

    Jackie Gorora

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