1. Sophia

    Seeing you excel and grow is the greatest joy (hara) she gets on a daily basis! As Greeks say “se kamaroni”/σε καμαρώνει!! She is proud and when other people share their positive stories and feelings about you with her it makes all her life’s challenging moments disappear!!

  2. Ross Cooper

    Awesome, George! Over the past handful of months I’ve gotten to know Tony on a personal level, and I can say without hesitation that he is a true class act. You couldn’t have picked a better educator/person to “feature.”…Keep up the inspiring work.

  3. Kim Figliomeni

    Thanks George! I love how you take the power of connecting and show how it helps us relate to others, and how you share your experiences. The ability to connect on both a professional and personal level is so important, and seeing how they can mix is touching and real. Your experiences and openness in sharing with others is both inspiring and challenging. I love how social media is allowing us to connect with others who we would never connect with in the past. I’m excited to attend the Leader in Me Symposium in Calgary next week and learn with you face to face

  4. Love this post George! I often feel the same about people I have “met” online through Twitter or Blogging (yourself included!). I will frequently refer to my friend, Dave Burgess, who I will meet in person for the first time next week. Twitter has a great way of connecting us through ideas and attitudes even if it’s not face to face. So, say hello to Tony for me too, even though we have only interacted online:)

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