1. Susan Kuss

    This post was really helpful. I am about to embark on creating leadership roles within my school and giving opportunities to those who are seeking a challenge. The challenge for me is knowing who is right for the role and how to manage the position so that they have freedom to try out their ideas, but stay on target. As I speak with prospective applicants I will keep these factors in my mind to help me move forward with my management skills.

  2. Michael Allison

    This is really a supper post. Sage advice to every administrator rookie or veteran. I always felt we hire teacher s to teach and we need to support them in every way to allow maximum teaching. Through providing the right conditions in the school, physically and culturally to motivating them through questions, cheerleading, and intentional acts of instructional supervision.

    Further, serving the entire school community from parents, to students, to staff is where principals gain credibility. A true servant leader gives of themselves to make the organization a success.
    Keep up the good work. You inspire is to lead with the “right” intentions.


  3. Penny

    Love it! I am pursuing a career as an admin after 23 years in the classroom. I find your info very uplifting and purposeful!

  4. The Diwali

    Every workshop I have attended the trainers always open their remarks by the following:

    Unless we see a child in our classroom as the extension of our extended family no real, sustained or meaningful change shall be made.

    Remember one time you posted a similar one, we grownups should behave what we expect our kids behave. When kids don’t see we say hi to our colleagues in the hall when passing by they won’t do it to their peers. When kids don’t see we pick up trash in the hall with pride, then won’t.

    You say it all, George. And as always I have grown over time to become a caring individual because of your servant leadership. After all giving is what makes us strong. Even Albert Einstein after all donated his brain to a research project. Our country and our family is never rich and full until all children of our sisters and bothers are rich and full.

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