1. Recenitly it was suggested I include a reference letter or two (maybe it’s me but I’ve always written my letters with the ‘authors’ tidying them up) instead of providing some #pln contacts. Too much of an early-adopter?

    • George

      There is definitely going to be a shift and you never know what you will encounter. Are we in the space where we prepare for one way of thinking over another, or both?

  2. Your idea for every student to have a PLN, a digital portfolio, and an About.me page is great. Yokohama International School was making their middle school students earn an Internet Driver’s License. The students were require to complete several meaningful tasks about online safety, cyber bullying, etc. It was a great idea, this is a logical extension of that program. All students need to leave high school ready to be competitive for work and to deal with the digital age.

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