1. Mary Leask

    I like the analogy of a platter and yes some things are out of our control but a discerning leader can work out how much energy -or not – to use on those mandated things to plan time and space and focus on the imaginative.

  2. Michelle Scheiber

    Last year when my school district put out 1:1 devices for our students, teachers were overwhelmed by the learning curve. All of the sudden they were learning how to use Google classroom, Padlet, Kahoot, Discovery boards, and Nearpod to name a few. It took some time for everyone to realize they don’t need to be experts in everything all at once, but to find what specifically works for the students in their classroom and then use it well. Once teacher focus narrowed, the stress disappeared and students began communicating their knowledge in very innovative ways.

  3. Mark

    Makes me think about what some teachers in our Program Dept. have been saying about initiatives for quite a while…’should we be teaching a mile wide and an inch deep or an inch wide and a mile deep?!?!’

    The push to roll out the latest and greatest ‘ideas’ with mandated initiatives with little time/training is always a challenge. It takes a lot to set aside some of it in order to focus on what your students NEED at the time. It all takes time and reflection to sort out what you want to actually add to your teacher tools.

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