1. Penny Brockway


    I have been reading your materials for the past couple of months and I am greatly inspired by your candor and willingness to take on the tough topics and share a guiding light for change.

    While reading the response Bill posted, I found great urgency to share work within which I am involved! In Michigan, Dr. Grant Chandler is leading work for the realignment and redevelopment of central office. Bill shared that the most inspired and innovative principal or teacher is constrained by the mandates and intiatives handed down by central office. So no matter how much great work these heroric individuals lead, they can’t make the impact that is necessary for long term sustainability. Dr. Chandler’s work is the Blueprint for Turnaround. This body of work is all about central office creating and aligning systems that take any initiative to full scale and manage that system’s performance until it becomes sustainable.

    I really encourage you to check it out!

    Have a blessed week!
    Penny Brockway
    Calhoun Intermediate School District

  2. Rishi Raghunathan

    After recently having finished Part I of your book, the quote from Bill Ferriter hits home. Independent school teachers are required to be Jack/Jane of all trades. That reality can stifle innovation by spreading our teachers too thin. Thanks for the thoughtful post.

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