1. Leah Whitford

    Once again, your words hit home. Thank you for your honesty in sharing some of the less than overwhelming experiences you’ve had in your career. It’s so easy to believe that everything comes so easily for those we respect & hold in high regard, forgetting that success comes as the after-effect of hard work & struggle. We only see the outcome & not necessarily all that it took to get to this point. Thank you for continuing to be the positive force that you are- encouraging the rest of us to go for our dreams, to take risks & to see the possibilities we each have inside.

  2. Cathy

    This post really resonated with me because I often have to fight this feeling of who would really want to hear me speak. It’s funny how easy it is to speak to my friends about what I’m passionate about or to write it in a blog post. But when it comes to getting up in front of colleagues or others I often have to fight those feelings. It’s still a work in progress but I refuse to give in. Like I have tried to I instill in my students, I do have a voice and shouldn’t be scared to share it.

    • George

      You definitely shouldn’t be scared Cathy! We will never impact everyone, but we can impact so many, but not if we aren’t willing to share what we are passionate about. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Thanks for the post George. I have given some of those one person in the room talks. But I still take every opportunity to write for a website and still never turn down an opportunity to talk. One of the most encouraging things for me is knowing people like you who are always so encouraging and open with people – you even got me to change my Twitter profile picture! I am now preparing for my next career – my current one is coming to an end and your words are encouraging. I want more opportunities to talk and write and I won’t turn down anything – even if it is to the one person in the room. Thanks very much for this – very encouraging for one who is looking to the next career!

  4. This is an awesome post, George. Not only is it inspiring and as always very real, but it is a valuable insight and reminder as to how important it is to do things because we are passionate about them, regardless of how many people are watching.

  5. Gurmeet

    Hi George,
    Thank you for your post. You always encourage your readers and motivate them to succeed. Personally I find it very uplifting. Yes, one has to work hard to achieve their goals and dreams.
    I remember from my RT role that sometimes I would plan for 30 and only one or two will show up. But I got the satisfaction thinking that these people will go away and try the ideas suggested with their 25-30 students.

    Thanks for encouraging!

    • George

      That is the best way to think about it…sometimes the impact we have is unseen, but when we step back and put it into perspective as you have, you see that the biggest change often starts with a ripple.

  6. George,
    I was so lucky to hear/see you speak in Minnesota. It is clear that you have a passion for what you do. You inspire so many people through your words. After leaving your keynote & Digital Footprints session, I was inpired to do more in my classroom. I hope to hear/see you again. 🙂

    • George

      Sara! This message meant a lot! I had such an amazing time at Minnesota and I look forward to coming back again soon!

  7. Great reminder that the process is often more important than the results, and you cannot getc anywhere without desire and taking the first steps. Loved reading about how you did not let the lack of “participants” diminish your excitement for the opportunity to share your passion and ideas.

    • George

      If I am not passionate about what I do, why would anyone else be, right? Thanks for your comment and your encouragement Lynda!

  8. Sheila Hill

    Thank you for writing this George,

    I am on this very journey. Reading this gives me the encouragement that I need. I feel comforted knowing that I’m not the only one.


  9. Susanne

    You are inspiring. This post reminds me of why I began my How Might We…Project with my students. It’s been a bit rocky starting out, but I know with time it will get better. I have failed, in this first semester, to blog about the process. After reading this post, I am resolved to begin the blogging in the second semester, even if in medias res. I needed the reminder that the journey is at least as important as the destination. Thank you.

    • George

      Thank you for taking the time to write a comment! Those projects seem to take awhile to get rolling, but once they do, the momentum will push you to even greater heights! Keep with it!

  10. Hi George, your thoughts and reflections and “why not” are so true. I have prepared presentations and invited parents and other educators out, and have had a handful (if that) show up. Sometimes it has been frustrating, but looking back, I learned something each time and have grown with each experience. In thinking about your ideas, it is not always about what we do for others, but what we do for ourselves. Like you said: “It is the willingness to do something you love and putting in the work with no idea where it may land you, that is crucial.” – thanks for sharing this message

    • George

      Thank you Kim! I know it can be frustrating but I appreciate that you keep sharing your passions. People will eventually be drawn to it! Thank you for the comment!

  11. You are such an inspiration. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room for your keynote at MiamiDevice and then the laughter. You truly have a gift. I am reading your book since it was a sellout, I had to order mine online and your words are so genuine. Our county is sharing your words one person at a time and I was lucky enough to meet you and shake your hand. Many blessings to you and hopes our paths cross again.

    • George

      Jeanne…Thank you so much for your kind words. Really brightened my day. Hope our paths cross sooner than later!

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