1. Todd Samuelson

    Great post. I often think of what I’d like education to look like. I envision a learning experience with little to no constraints: no bells, no subjects taught in isolation, no percentages for grades, no walls (metaphorically and to a certain extent literally). More free flowing, student driven, tech rich, creative opportuities with no limits and educators there to guide and inspire.

  2. Robert Nacario

    Great! The role of the principal is getting lost as so much focus has been on what the teacher does and how a school district supports the learning. The role of the principal is too important to ignore. So much of what happens at a school hinges on the capacity and will of the principal. Refreshing.

  3. Thank You. My school leadership team includes both teachers and students. During a pivotal moment or after a break, we often reflect on our purpose. Your post is inspirational, and I am hoping to use your questions as a means for us to contemplate and frame our work as we begin 2016 – another year of important learning and work together.

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