1. Hey Pal,

    First, here’s to hoping that you and Paige have a remarkable holiday season together! I always love this time of the year — it’s a great time to build traditions together.

    Second, I love this bit. It makes simple behaviors that we want every student to demonstrate approachable to every teacher.

    As always, the challenge here in the states is that no one is held accountable for developing these behaviors in kids — and that these behaviors won’t help students to “demonstrate mastery” on the things we are held accountable for. It’s that disconnect between what we SAY we care about and what we actually hold schools accountable for that makes being a teacher in the states so hard.

    If there was any one thing that I would ask guys like you with influence to do, it would be to constantly point out that gap between beliefs and practices/policies to the people who can actually drive change. Call people out when they give lip service to the right ideas, but continue to hold onto policies that restrict progress towards more meaningful learning spaces.

    That’s my challenge to you in the new year!

    Anyway….Rock right on,

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