1. Thank you for sharing this experience, George.
    It resonates on many levels! I think that it is your capacity to be open and communicate on an emotional level that is central to your capacity to be transformational as an educator. Skills and knowledge are important, but unless you can connect with the students, these are largely ineffectual. But if you can connect, then you can really empower people to learn. And what a lesson …
    It is this kind of teaching and this kind of lesson that must become the standard, not the exception, in the educational conversation that is a the shared journey of teacher and student.
    Inspiring, as always!

  2. Sherry

    Thanks for sharing this very timely post. With this upcoming week being Media Literacy Week, I’m developing on a few learning opportunities to share with teachers to support them in exploring the topic with their students. I’m curious to know what you were presenting about and which video you showed. I will surely be sharing this blog post with my teachers to reinforce the importance of encouraging students to leave positive digital footprints in the digital world. Thank you.

  3. Susanne

    You are inspiring. I first learned of you at the SC Midlands Summit, where I saw you present as keynote. I have since followed you on Twitter, and I recently began reading your blog. I have very little free time in my life (I’m a wife, mother of three, and high school English teacher, to name the most dominating hats I wear). I make time to read your blog because I always find value and inspiration in what you have to say. Your positive attitude is contagious. You are inspiring.

    • George


      Thank you for that comment. I am so glad to have connected with so many awesome educators in SC and I appreciate you continuing to reach out. I appreciate the comment and look forward to continued connections.

  4. Thank you for sharing from the heart! Inspiring and Motivating!
    I cannot agree more with you that things could have gone worse if you had reacted negatively to the first tweets! How important it is to be loud to spread the positive message! I know you are not talking about volume :). I do believe our youth need to hear the inner positive voice and the “outer” positive message: like the one you spread!
    To tell you the truth, I´m worried to see that too many of my students are so immersed in “social media” (Instagram and SnapChat mainly) that they don´t seem to be able to be instructed to use any other app. Anyway, this last comment is not strictly connected to your post, but I needed to share it with you.
    Honestly, I loved the post!
    Keep sharing and tweeting!
    Warm wishes from Buenos Aires, Argentina!

    • George

      I am terrible for responding to comments but I do appreciate them greatly! I think that students are very savvy with social media, but not necessarily learning with social media. Hopefully we can bridge that divide!

      Thanks again for the comment!

  5. Gurmeet

    Hi George,
    I have heard you at many workshops in Peel. Thank you for sharing this inspiring story. There’s always so much to take away and learn from your experiences.
    Thank you,

  6. Hi George,
    I am glad that this worked out for you. As I believe I have heard you speak to, we have to put ourselves out there to take the potentially bad in order to receive and give the good. As educators in particular we have been told to protect ourselves, to keep our private lives and especially our social media lives separate. However, that does not work in this world anymore. To not have an online presence cuts you off from so much learning and mentoring. This new world is about collaboration and knowledge building and if we want to be part of this world then we must put ourselves out there. I recently wrote a blog post on this topic. As I said there, we have a choice. We can be driving the bus, on the bus, or waving at it as it drives away.

  7. Samrie

    Hello, George,
    Thank you for your important work and thoughtful reflections. It reminded me recently of a line from a book I read by Micheal Fullan…….replacing a negative thing with nothing is never the answer.
    I just finished “Innovator’s Mindset” and can’t wait to share with staff. I have about 70% of my classrooms embracing Blended Learning!

      • Samrie

        Thanks! The resources are extremely helpful. I am hoping to use your book as a book study for my staff. I am trying to design it using our student management system so I can personalize the learning for my staff.
        I am excited to hear that you will be in Junction City, KS on Jan. 15th! I spent 21 years in that school district and just recently moved to Lawrence, KS. You will love being there and they will love you!
        Take care,

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