1. During the #FlipEDU conference yesterday, my part was focused on “extracurricular activities.” We talked about how great Flipboard Magazines are for the type of activity you described above. Regardless of where the content is coming from, it can easily be flipped into a beautiful looking magazine, which can then be shared with whoever it needs to be, without a need to worry about how it’s going to look on . Lots of great resources on getting started at the Flipboard website https://about.flipboard.com/blog/educators/, on the #FlipEDU hashtag on Twitter, and I’m always willing to answer questions.

  2. Interesting post George. Saving and curating online information are important skills. I do sense a tendency in schools’ attempts at digital portfolios to focus primarily on the “digital” and not enough on student understanding. I appreciate that you highlighted NCTE’s standards rather than expectations for technology in general.

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