1. It seems to me that there’s probably at least a third reason why ‘our teachers aren’t asking for this.’ Because they know that the administrator who says this is approaching his or her school from a management perspective, not a leadership perspective.

    Leaders lead, even when people aren’t asking for such. Managers wait to be asked…

  2. Michelle King

    Having an innovation team is a worthy idea. Another piece is determining an implementation plan and proactively planning and designing support for the 3 weeks / 3 months / 2 years after the “newness” is gone. We must design and plan for sustainability we might be doomed to initiating “initiative fatigue”

  3. The Diwali

    what a wonderful idea, George!

    A manager lead by rules, principal by principal and laws, while the learner lead by courage.

    We cannot connect the dots by looking forward. We only can connect the dots by looking backward.– Steve jobs.

    Stop going into faculty meeting saying You vs Us. Start using We the we shall see the difference. There should be one and only one purpose that we are all in this together is our children future and for us all.

    Managers may win a battle, principal may win a test score but a learner shall win the war and eventually win the heart of the world.

    We eventually won’t see our work as job or career but rather mission and Purpose. Serving others with our intellectual capacity and caring concerns with heartfelt passion and compassion is a Gift from Above. Love is all left when all is left.

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