1. Loved this bit, George — and I bet that you are right: The reason school is becoming less boring is that teachers ARE trying new things with the kids in their classrooms. That’s a function of lots of things working together — but is definitely influenced by connections to others and the broad and easy sharing of ideas made possible by PLNs. That’s good stuff.

    What drives me crazy, though, is that for the most part, these changes aren’t happening as a RESULT of good #edpolicy decisions. Instead, they are happening IN SPITE OF really crappy #edpolicy decisions. Granted, I live in one of the most dysfunctional states in a dysfunctional nation — so my perspective might be skewed towards pessimism.

    But I keep wondering how much more powerful we would be if we could align #edpolicy decisions with the powerful conversations and knowledge building we are doing about high quality learning spaces outside of the Statehouses of our countries.

    Anyway…hope you are well,

  2. Gayle Nurre

    But what that headline doesn’t say is how much higher that number really is. Those statistics do not include 5 year HS students who take night school classes in order to work during the day or those students who drop out yet take their GED within a year. We are doing a better job than those statistics!

  3. Kadange V. Mvula

    I like your article and totally agree with you regarding the importance of teachers. Indeed, teachers play a critical role in shaping the future of their students, including their performance in schools. Networking among teachers nowadays has contributed to their effectiveness, thereby thinking outside the box.

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